Website Newsletter Subscription

Our website newsletter clients are seeing a 250% increase of newsletter subscriptions using the SimuStream software within a video on their website. Customers can view an engaging video on the website with a simple subscription form provided by SimuStream, which streamlines the customer’s experience to subscribe to the newsletter without redirecting them.

Online Streaming Entertainment and Influencer Marketing

Millions of viewers monthly are exposed to purchase opportunities while streaming without the ability to immediately purchase, and SimuStream allows purchasing to take place during the streaming experience. A great user experience across every stage of the user lifecycle is important to help users discover, engage, and interact with the content, and we are now adding shopping to the viewer experience. When potential product placement is displayed on screen the user will immediately be allowed to complete the purchase. SimuStream has seen a 40% increase in purchase completion over the standard ecommerce close rate.


57.5 million viewers in the United States watch digital live sports each month. Merchandise your content and directly sell to fans within your video stream. SimuStream has increased the add to cart rate up to 70% in the sports and entertainment marketplace.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies who are also channel partners with SimuStream have seen 100% growth in clients month after month by offering this technology to their clients. Agencies using SimuStream are seeing exponential growth in their clientele by utilizing the technology in a variety of use cases in different markets across ecommerce and lead gen.

Direct to Consumer

89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI. With our Simustream technology consumers can complete their purchase while they are watching a video online, within an email, or across a variety of social platforms. Users will immediately be able to purchase a product and complete the checkout process once it appears on screen without redirection.

Real Estate

Increase and generate 110% more appointments, and prequalification leads by simplifying the client’s journey within video to fill out custom lead forms within your property and mortgage promotional video content.

Multilevel Marketing

94% of marketers say video has helped them increase their understanding of product, and by adding SimuStream to these videos it will allow representatives to generate more product sales through exposure within the video, and generate leads directly while educating or selling products.

Sports Club Membership Sign-Ups

Sports and Boating Club membership sign-ups have seen an increase of 150% using SimuStream in their social media and website strategy. Providing potential clients the opportunity to request more information, or sign up directly on the promotional video without redirecting them.

Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions often offer complex products and services, which may need to be explained in detail to prospective customers. Using a video to convey a message increases retention by up to 95%. Banks and Financial institutions will be able to use the SimuStream lead gen technology within an educational video to target new retail accounts, capture mortgage loan opportunities, seek out Reg A and Reg D investors, and investment banking clients. The SimuStream dashboard provides detailed analytics which are available to monitor performance and solutions to direct marketing ads.